Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Agricultural Motors: Useful Buying Protocols For Farmers

Lucille Palmer

Agricultural motors are great for farm-related applications because they often have a rugged design and can provide reliable performance. If you need to invest in one for a particular machine or system that's important to your farm operations, use these buying protocols.

Determine if OEM Support is Necessary or Not 

When you buy an agricultural motor for a system used often around a farm, you have the choice to buy an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or aftermarket solution. The former option is a part that's specifically designed for your system's specifications and designs. You need to see if this is relevant or not to your purchase because it will help you focus on the right motor options right off the bat. 

Ultimately, OEM support is something you need to discuss with the manufacturer that made the system you plan to buy a new motor for. If they suggest an OEM motor to get the best performance out of the said system, then you want to comply with their recommendation. 

Focus on Something Field-Proven

Your farm may expose an agricultural motor to a lot of different conditions outside, but that shouldn't make you worry if you focus on a motor that has a field-proven design. It should have gone through ample tests carried out by the manufacturer, proving it can hold up to different elements. 

A field-proven design for this motor not only gives you ample confidence as a buyer, but it should also lead to a long-lasting motor that you don't have to constantly repair at the most inconvenient times. You just need to make sure you buy a motor that has been tested enough times in practical environments/situations. 

Make Sure the Motor Has Ample Insulation

Since your agricultural motor may come in contact with harsh environments around your farm, you want to take extra precautions with this investment. That might include getting an agricultural motor with ample insulation that improves the amount of protection said motor has.

The insulation will keep contaminants from affecting this motor and it will also help keep its temperature in an optimal range. The end result is a long-lasting agricultural motor that doesn't need a lot from a maintenance standpoint.

If you have a system around your farm that could use a new agricultural motor, you want to be methodical with how you approach this investment. You can then easily pinpoint a compatible motor that performs up to your expectations around a farm environment. 

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