Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

A Stainless Steel Table With Sink Could Be The Solution When You Need Extra Working Space In Your Kitchen

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If you own a small food store that makes sandwiches, or if you just have an employee break room that needs more counter space, you might be interested in installing a stainless steel table with a sink or prep sink in it. These provide an extra sink as well as more counter space. Here's why a stainless steel table with a sink is a good choice when you need an additional sink area for cleaning and prepping food.

Stainless Steel Is A Sanitary Surface For Food

Stainless steel is a good surface for preparing foods since it is smooth and easy to keep sanitary. Stainless steel doesn't corrode or have pits that can harbor bacteria. Since the steel surface doesn't have pores or pits, it is much easier to keep clean and sanitary, so it's a good surface for touching food and eating utensils.

Stainless Steel Tables Come In Different Sizes

You have a lot of options when choosing a new stainless steel table with a sink in it. The tables come in different lengths, so you can choose a short table if you don't have much space or a longer table if you need the counter room. Also, you can buy a table with the sink on the left or right end. You can also choose a full or prep sink.

Plus, the tables have different types of shelves under the sink. Having at least one shelf is handy, but your sink might have no shelves or multiple shelves. The height and width of the sinks are standard so they are at a comfortable working height.

Sink Tables Are Convenient To Install

A sink table is like any other table in that it rests on legs and is as easy to move into a kitchen area as any table. This eliminates the need to add base cabinets to hold up the sink and counter. The installation steps involve connecting the water lines and drain to existing plumbing in your kitchen. Stainless steel tables with sinks usually even have the faucets already installed on them.

A Stainless Steel Table With Prep Sink Is Attractive

Stainless steel is an attractive material that is easy to keep clean and shiny. You won't have to worry about things like stains and decay around a wood cabinet base. Plus, since the sink is in a table, the area under the sink is open, so there is no hidden area to collect clutter or rot due to water damage. Stainless steel is an easy surface to clean and maintain, and that's important too for appearances and for keeping the kitchen area sanitary.

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