Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

What Are Liquid Ring Pumps

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Pumps get used for all sorts of things, and there are many kinds of pumps out there. One kind is a liquid ring vacuum pump. Not everyone knows what a liquid ring pump is, though, or how it works, 

Positive Displacement Pumps

Liquid ring pumps fall into the positive displacement pump category. This category of pump will capture a fixed volume of liquid. It will then push that liquid on through the system. It runs in a cycle and can be powered by pistons, screws, or rotors. A piston engine is a basic example of a positive displacement pump. Positive displacement pumps can be rotary or reciprocating. A rotary pump uses something like a screw to move the liquid. A reciprocating pump would use something like a piston or a diaphragm. A liquid ring pump is a rotary type pump.

How They Work

A liquid ring pump is used to create a vacuum for all kinds of processes and is used in a lot of fields. A liquid is sucked into the pump. Then, using centrifugal force, the liquid is spun out so that it creates a ring inside of the pump. That ring creates a seal inside the pump, which helps the vacuum process start. The liquid can be water or it can be some other kind of liquid, depending on the use of the pump. The impeller or rotor inside the pump is generally offset so that there are times when each chamber inside the rotor is filled with liquid and times when it is filled with gas. When the chamber is empty of liquid, it sucks in gas through the inlet valve. As the rotor spins, the chamber starts to fill with liquid, which then compresses the gas and forces it out into the outlet valve, in a compressed form. 


There are several benefits to using a liquid ring pump. One of them is the fact that they have very few moving parts, generally only the rotor inside the pump and bearings on the outside. Because there are so few moving parts, they aren't as liable to fail as some other pumps can be. That means that the pumps have a longer time in between routine maintenance than other pumps, and they can work longer. 

There are a lot of different kinds of pumps, and liquid ring pumps are just one of them. These pumps can be found in a variety of industries. 


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