Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Why Oil Mist Collectors Need To Be Set Up Around Areas With CNC Machines

Lucille Palmer

In order to keep a CNC machine working efficiently, it has to be lubricated with oil. This oil can eventually end up in the air, which you need to remove using a CNC oil mist collector. These machines will keep you out of trouble by providing a couple of key things.

Make Maintenance Easier

If you just let oil continue to circulate in the air around your workshop where there are CNC machines, then the oil can collect on said equipment. That's going to make maintenance more time-consuming because you then have to clean this oil off to keep important components from breaking down.

Whereas if you set up a proven mist collector in your work environment, oil created by CNC machines is going to be eradicated. The equipment can then remain cleaner and make maintenance more of an easy chore to complete.

Create a Safer Work Environment

Oil from CNC machines that circulates in the area is also going to have an impact on workers in the area. Breathing in oil fumes can make your body respond in a negative way, such as having an itchy throat, getting dizzy, and suffering long-term breathing effects.

Your work environment will be much safer when an industry-standard mist collection system is set up. Any oil fumes that are created by your CNC machines will be sucked up into the mist collector where they'll stay. You and other workers won't have to worry about the short-term and long-term effects of breathing in oil fumes.

Stay in Line With Exposure Limits

There are going to be certain air standards that your workshop has to meet when it keeps CNC machines around. If you don't honor these exposure limits to oil fumes, you're either going to get shut down, experience a penalty, or suffer both fates.

Research CNC mist collectors until you find a good system that makes it easy to comply with exposure limits. You'll do your part in keeping a safe environment with completely safe air to breathe in, even if you have a lot of CNC machines that run all the time.

There are potential issues you can experience when you let CNC machines put out oil fumes into your work environment. Using a CNC oil mist collector, these fumes won't get the best of you or anyone else that works around a site with CNC machines. Oil fumes will essentially be a non-factor. 


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