Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Three Varieties Of Portable Spill Containment Berms

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If you transport liquids of any kind, you may experience leaks or spills from time to time. These issues can happen anywhere, even when you are on the road. Depending on the liquids you are transporting, cleaning up a spill could be dangerous, time-consuming, or both. Your best option is to be prepared for spills from the start. You can carry portable spill containment berms along with the liquids you are transporting to stop problematic messes before they really start. Here are three varieties of spill berms that could make your job easier.

Drive-Over Berms

If you transport liquids via tanker trucks, you could benefit from portable drive-over berms. These devices fold up compactly when not in use. To use a drive-over berm, simply unfold the berm onto a flat surface in front of your truck. With the walls laid flat on the ground, you can drive the truck over the berm and center it within the walls. Once the truck's tank is completely over the berm, small spills and drips will immediately be caught by the berm's liner. If you expect a major spill, raise the walls, and secure them if needed. Some drive-over berms are one-step berms, so drivers don't have to raise the walls manually. Instead, the walls will raise with the level of the liquid inside the berm.

One-Piece Berms

Relatively small spill containment berms are available as simple, one-piece berms. These portable berms fold up compactly for easy transportation. If you are concerned about a leaking barrel or tank of liquid, simply unfold the berm, inflate or raise the sides, and place the leaking containers into the berm. You don't need to keep track of extra support pieces or walls that are separate from the berm's liner. Instead, every part of the berm is connected and folds away easily. These berms sometimes include foam rings or support pieces to help keep the walls rigid and upright during use. 

L-Bracket Berms

For larger messes, you may need a more robust portable containment berm. If the weight of the fluid in the berm is too high for a one-piece berm, your portable berm will need to come with multiple parts, including a liner, walls, and exterior support brackets. To assemble an L-bracket berm, simply put down your liner wherever you need to contain a spill, then place the walls upright around the liner. Attach the L-brackets to the outside of the walls in the locations marked on either the liner or the walls themselves. The brackets should provide the support the berm needs to hold a large volume of liquid for an extended period of time.

To learn more about portable spill containment berms, contact spill containment companies in your area. 


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