Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

3 Types Of Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Pumps

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Hydraulic equipment helps make it easier to transfer energy. Hydraulic pumps are popular because they help provide machines with an efficient source of energy. These are numerous types of hydraulic pumps. There are three different common types of fixed displacement hydraulic pumps.

1. Screw Pumps

Screw pumps have a simple set-up. Inside of the housing of the pumps, helical screws are used to form shafts. One of the shafts within the housing has a drive end. All fluid flows through the pump in a linear direction and moves at a fixed rate.

Screw pumps are highly reliable and effective, as they push fluid through them at a steady rate. They are also not that loud because the gears in the pump are always moving. They are great when you need a low-flow, quiet pump.

2. Gear Pump

A gear pump is a really simple hydraulic pump. There are a few variations on the gear pump. There are gear pumps with internal gears as well as gear pumps with external gears. Both internal and external gear pumps can be made to have either positive pump displacement or fixed pump displacement.

There are so many hydraulic gear pumps because there are so many variations on this set-up. Hydraulic gear pumps are easy to set up and modify, which lends to their popularity. Hydraulic gear pumps can also hold high levels of pressure, which is great if you need a simple but high-pressure system.

If you want your gear pump to be on the quieter side, you can change out the type of gears that you use in your unit. Helical spur gears, as well as straight cut gears, help reduce the noise that your pump creates when it is in operation.

3. Gerotor Pump

Gerotor hydraulic pumps have both internal and external gears. One gear is located on the outside. The outside gear moves and connects with the internal gear. The outside gear drives the internal gear on the pump.

With a gerotor pump, the volume of liquid does not have to be consistent. You can vary the amount of liquid that is passed through the pump throughout the day. Gerotor pumps are great for set-ups where the liquid to be passed through the pump can vary in volume throughout the day. They also work well with low-pressure situations.

Gerotor pumps make some noise, but they are not that noisy overall.

Fixed displacement hydraulic pumps work well with low-pressure and low-flow situations, and generally, do not make that much noise. They allow for the easy and effective transmission of fluids inside of an industrial set-up. For more information, contact a company like europarts usa inc.


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