Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Oil Change Tips For Air Compressors

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If you have an air compressor in your garage and have never changed its oil, then it very likely needs to have it done. Just as other mechanical equipment needs to have its oil changed regularly, so to do air compressors. If you never change the oil, then your air compressor is much more likely to suffer from premature mechanical failure.

If you have never changed the oil and the oil filter in your air compressor, then these tips will help you do so.

Tip: Run the Air Compressor for a Few Minutes Before Draining the Oil

To warm the oil and make it drain out more completely, you should run your air compressor for a few moments. Once the motor feels warm to touch, then turn off the air compressor and unplug it for the oil change.

Tip: Drain the Oil Compartment Completely and Flush it With Clean Oil

Open the drain plug and drain out all of the air compressor's oil. Before you remove the oil filter and replace it with a new one, first, refill the oil tank and once again run the compressor for a few minutes. Drain out this "cleaning" oil also, as it is simply used to remove any remaining gunk in the oil tank.

Tip: Use a Funnel to Transfer the Dirty Oil to Your Recycling Container

To keep from making a mess, use a funnel to drain your oil directly from the tank into your recycling container. Clean the funnel well before using it to refill the tank.

Rather than tossing the dirty oil in your household trash, make sure you recycle it by taking it to your local recycling center or auto parts store.

Tip: Replace the Oil with Air Compressor Oil Not Automotive Motor Oil

You should never put automotive motor oil or hydraulic fluid in your air compressor. You must use oil that has been refined especially for use in an air compressor. You can purchase this oil at your local hardware store.

Tip: Write Down the Oil Change Date and Attach It to Its Side

Finally, since you will never be able to remember exactly when it was you last changed your air compressor's oil and filter, you should write down the date on a slip of paper or tape using a permanent marker. Tape the date to the side of the air compressor and you will always have the information you need at hand.

For more information about choosing an air compressor oil filter, contact your local equipment supplier.


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