Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

3 Things You Need to Know Before Working with a Coupler

Lucille Palmer

If you just starting working with couplers, you need to make sure that you understand and know how couplers work and the specific features of the grease coupler that you own.

#1 You Need a Coupler with Replaceable Seals

Make sure that the coupler that you use has an easy, replaceable seal. Couplers that have replaceable seals will last significantly longer than couplers with permanent seals. With permanent seals, when the seal is done, so is the coupler.

When you have a coupler with a replaceable seal, you can change out the seals on it. The seals wear down over time as you use your coupler, and are one of the main reasons that people have to invest in new couplers. When you can replace the seal on the coupler, you can get even more use out of it.

#2 Couplers Are Made to Work with Lots of Equipment

The second thing that you need to realize is how versatile your coupler can be. It can work on a wide variety of equipment. It can work on and be used on pneumatic greasing equipment that is both air operated and powered operated. It can be used to work with manual level action tools. It can be used on trigger action and pistol grip tools. It can also be used on battery powered tools.

Basically, couplers are made to work with pretty much any brand of equipment that you need to use a grease gun on. Make sure that you check out the compatible brand list that your particular coupler will work with; it should be really extensive.

#3 Couplers Can Work with Residential & Industrial Pumps

Third, your coupler is made to withstand a high degree of pressure. That means that they can fit on grease fitting that have really high pressure ratings. Due to the couplers ability to work and withstand high pressure, they can work on industrial pumps that are heavy duty as well as pneumatic grease pumps that have a high psi rating.

Check the specific psi rating that your coupler is designed to work with. You don't want to use your coupler on a pump that has a higher psi rating than your coupler is compatible with.

In order to get the most out of your coupler, you need to know how it works. Check your owner's manual to figure out what equipment your grease coupler is compatible with and to find out what the highest psi is that it compatible with. Finally, figure out if your coupler uses replaceable seals; if it does, you will be able to change out the seals when they wear down and get more use of your coupler. 


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