Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Pallet Racks

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When you're getting ready to reorganize your shipping and storage facilities, pallet racks are a great investment. However, with so many choices, it can be hard to know what the right model and style would be. Before you choose a new pallet racking system, here are some of the things that you should consider.

Think About Your Weight Load

A pallet racking system is going to be of no use to you if it can't support the weight of the stuff that you have to store. Consider the load capacity you need to store the pallets in your warehouse, and make sure that you choose a system with a greater capacity than you would need at its greatest load.

You'll also need to make sure that you clearly understand the weight limit per shelf, and ensure that your warehouse staff limits the loads per shelf to that capacity or lighter. Otherwise, you'll risk damage to your pallet racks or the potential for the rack to tip, which could result in injuries and lost inventory. In addition, prioritize your loads so that the heaviest pallets are placed on the bottom shelves. This prevents the racks from becoming top-heavy, which could also cause them to tip over.

Evaluate Your Density Requirements

Take an objective look at your storage needs by pallet and product type before you invest in any kind of racks. You'll want to think about how much deep storage you might need. You can find racks that will allow you to store multiple pallets per row, which can reduce how many racks you need to buy.

Consider Your Inventory Management System

Your inventory management system is another important consideration when you're choosing your pallet racks. For example, if you're using a first in, first out method, you'll need racks that are accessible from both sides. That way, you can load from the back and remove pallets from the front. This will help you manage your handling costs. Otherwise, you're likely to have to handle pallets multiple times to get your inventory processed. This costs time and money.

As you evaluate your management system needs, you'll also want to be sure that the racks have sufficient forklift access in general. You'll want enough space between the shelves to negotiate the forklift and your pallets without being concerned about damaging either. The better prepared you are, the easier it will be to keep your inventory organized and cycling properly.



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