Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

What You Can Do To Ensure Your Septic System Will Last For Years

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SYou might live in a remote area where access to a city or town's waste management system is out of the question. You also might live in a home that was never converted to the town's water and instead use a septic system to take care of your waste. There are a few things you can do to make sure your septic system will last you for years and avoid any costly repair bills or system replacement.

Pump Your Tank

A very important step you need to take in maintaining your septic system so it will last for a long time is to pump the tank. This should be done every year, or at least every few years, to make certain that any solid waste in the system is broken down and won't end up clogging the drains. When you pump the tank on a regular basis, you can help protect the system from breaking down and will extend its life.

Conserve Water

Another thing you can do to extend the life of your septic system is to conserve water and not let too much of it go through the system at once. Your septic system is designed to only be able to handle a certain amount of water flow, so if you flush too much water into the system it can actually cause the system to back up. You should always monitor your water usage and only use the recommended amount at a time.

Don't Deposit Non-Decomposing Items 

When you have a city or town water attached waste system, many people will throw out coffee grounds or cooking fats, and even paper towels, into their toilets to flush them away. With a septic system, however, this is not a wise idea. Items like cigarette butts, diapers and even tissues aren't easily broken down and won't decompose properly. This will definitely fill in your septic system and will end up plugging it as it can't drain right.

Flush Household Chemicals In Small Amounts

It is OK to flush certain household chemicals into your septic system, but only in small amounts. If you only use the recommended amount of cleaners, detergents, bleach and drain cleaners, that will be OK every once in a while to flush into the system. However, larger amounts can damage the system by preventing it from breaking down solids. It is never OK to deposit paint or latex into the system.

Septic maintenance is essential in avoiding often costly issues down the road and ensuring that your system will function properly for years to come..


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