Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Common Welding Equipment Problems

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For industrial and construction operations, it can be essential to have welding equipment. While these tools can be indispensable for doing metal work, they can experience problems that may cause abrupt disruptions to the daily operations of your business. This can cause you to benefit from investing the time needed to learn more about the types of problems your welding equipment can experience.

Blocked Or Worn Drive Rollers

Your welding equipment will work by having a special type of wiring that will be fed through it. This wire will be melted by the heat of the welding equipment before it is applied. To feed the welding equipment with this wire, a series of driver rollers. Unfortunately, many people will make the mistake of failing to adequately clean these rollers, and this can lead to them being at a higher risk of becoming jammed. You can minimize these risks through adopting a strict cleaning schedule for these components of the welding system. You must consult the instruction manual for the cleaning steps for these critical pieces of your welding equipment.

Excessively Worn Or Damaged Grounding Wire

Most pieces of mobile welding equipment will be powered by electricity. This can make it extremely convenient for powering welding equipment. In order for the welding equipment to be as safe as possible, these devices will have a grounding wire that will discharge power surges or other potential disruptions. Unfortunately, it can be possible for these wires to become damaged or worn. If this occurs, it can pose a couple of serious problems. Firstly, it could be possible for you to suffer an electrical shock if portions of the wiring insulation have been removed. Also, compromised grounding wires can be ineffective at discharging surges, which can contribute to the welding equipment being at a higher risk of suffering damage. Prior to using the welding equipment, you should closely inspect the insulation on this wire, and you should replace it if you find that sections of it appear to be damaged or frayed.  


Welding equipment will usually be made out of a mixture of metal and plastic components. When individuals improperly store their welding equipment, they can cause it to develop corrosion on the metal components. Corrosion can impede the performance of the system in a variety of ways, and this is a problem that can eventually lead to you needing to replace the welding equipment. By ensuring that this equipment is always stored in a dry environment with low humidity, you can help prevent rust from forming on it. 

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