Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

The Benefits Of Using A Centrifugal Blower Over Standard Forced Air

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Forced air systems rely on generating enough force to send air short distances. The problem with this kind of air system in an industrial setting is that the plant's ventilation system is so large and vast that typical forced air cannot move as far. Using a centrifugal blower system can fix this issue. It can also provide these additional benefits:

Centrifugal Force Generates More Power

If you paid attention in science class in high school, then you remember that centrifugal force generates more power than applied pressure. In short, a fan built to spin at a really high speed produces a much stronger gale of air, which in turn is pushed faster and farther than standard forced air. Centrifugal blowers then are able to generate enough power to really push the air they create through most of he vents in your factory.

More Power Equals Fewer Particles of Dust

A big problem in any industry is the amount of dust that accumulates in the ventilation system. There are many manufacturing applications that must be dust-free. With the power of centrifugal blower systems, less dust and fewer particles are able to settle within the ventilation system.

This means that your employees can work in a virtually dust-free air environment. Short of the dust produced by some manufacturing processes, all the rest of the external and internal dust is sucked up and forced outward by these systems. It is sent away from the work floor, and in most cases, sent outside.

Less Dust Equals Healthier Employees and Better Quality Products

Less dust in the air equals healthier employees because they are not breathing the dust that shakes loose when the ventilation system is operating. Less dust also means that your factory produces better quality products, devoid of dust particles that make them look messy or make them toxic. As such, it pays to invest in a centrifugal blower system.

Getting the Blowers Installed in Your Factory

Hire a commercial HVAC contractor. He or she will know exactly how to install these blowers in the system you have to create a hybrid system. Otherwise, you can completely overhaul the ventilation system you have in favor of a newer system that includes the blowers. The size of your factory may also dictate which of these two systems is ideal. The sooner you get started, the sooner you and your employees can enjoy all of the above benefits.

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