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Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Are You Looking To Rent A Boiler? Questions You Should Ask The Rental Company

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If you own an industrial boiler, there are times when you may find yourself temporarily in need of another one. Your boiler may have stopped working and may need repairs or it may be going down for maintenance. In order to keep your factory, power plant or facility operating, you may be looking into a boiler rental at this time. However, while there are many companies that rent these large items, the rental process is not the same with every company. Here are a few questions you will want to ask the company you are considering renting from to find the rental company that is ideal for you. 

Do You Have the Boiler Needed Available? 

One of the first questions you should ask a boiler rental company is whether they have the type of boiler you need. Your warehouse or factory is already set up to be used with a specific type of boiler. If you select a boiler incompatible with your input and output system, it may not work. You need to find a boiler that is available with the type of system you already have in place. If the rental company does not have that type available at the moment, or when you need it, there is no point in asking any additional questions. 

Do You Deliver and Pick-Up the Boiler? 

If the company has the boiler you need available to be rented, you will want to ask if they deliver and pick-up the rental boiler. Boilers can be huge and difficult to load and unload. Unless you have the right size truck and the equipment need to load and unload it, you may want to find a company that offers delivery and pick-up services. 

Do You Install the Boiler?

If the boiler rental company delivers, you will then want to ask if they install the boiler. Many rental companies offer installation services with their rentals. This is because it is beneficial to both you and them to ensure the boiler is properly installed. If a company does not offer installation services, you will likely have to pay a professional to install and uninstall the boiler when the time comes. If this is the case, keep this in mind when pricing different companies out. 

Do You Offer Support Services? 

The last question you will want to ask as you look to rent a boiler is if the company offers support services. You may be unsure how to work the rental boiler, as it is new to you. You want a company who is around to answer any questions you have to ensure the boiler is used properly and your business remains functional. 

Renting a boiler when yours is not working or needs to be maintained can help your business stay operational. However, you may not know what questions to ask as you look to obtain rental boilers. Asking these questions will help guide you toward the rental company that provides not only the boiler, but the additional boiler services you may be in need of when renting this type of equipment. 


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