Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Safety First With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Care Tips For Dry Cleaning Equipment

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Starting a dry cleaning business can be a great career choice for those that are wanting the freedom of owning a business. In order to dry clean clothing, you will need to have sophisticated equipment. Unfortunately, there are many people that will be unsure of the appropriate steps for caring for their dry cleaning equipment, and this can lead to expensive and disruptive malfunctions.

Change Or Clean The Lint Catcher

At the end of each day, you or one of your employees will need to empty the lint catcher. A dry cleaning machine will produce a large amount of lint over the course of a single busy day, and the lint can block the flow of air through the system. A lint catcher is designed to prevent this material from spreading throughout the machine. You will need to empty the lint catcher every day or it will become full. Otherwise, you may find that a full lint catcher can allow some materials to escape and clog the dry cleaning machinery.

Inspect The System For Leaks

Dry cleaning systems will utilize a large amount of water over the course of a day, and it will create near constant vibrations while it is in operation. These factors can make these devices prone to developing leaks due to hoses or pipes loosening and seals failing. At the end of the day, you should closely inspect under and around the base of the dry cleaning machine. If you notice any unusual puddles, you should contact a service technician to locate the source of the leaks and repair them. When these leaks are not repaired in a timely manner, they can cause substantial water damage to the building as they can allow a substantial amount of water to leak out.

Clean Any Vents And Temperature Gages

A dry cleaning machine will generate extreme amounts of heat while it is being used. To prevent the system from getting hot enough to ignite the lint or cleaning chemicals, a series of temperature gauges will be installed throughout the system. In the event that the device starts to overheat, these sensors will activate venting systems that will help to dispel the excess heat. Unfortunately, if you do not keep these gauges clean, they can give erroneous temperature readings. The exact locations and steps for cleaning the gauges will vary due to the basic design of the dry cleaning machine, but you can sign a service agreement to have a professional technician perform this essential safety maintenance for your dry cleaning machine.

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